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About our sanctuary

72 years

Our church was built in 1945. In the summer of this year we were impacted by the discovery of compromise to the structural integrity of the roof arches in our sanctuary. Unfortunately this means we are currently not be able to meet in it for services. This situation called for a thourough investigation of the cause with hopes to find repair options. Our church is currently in the process of professional consulation and assesment, working with a Bay Area engineering firm to design potential solutions.

We miss meeting in our beautiful sanctuary!  

Meanwhile, we have been blessed by beautiful summer weather and have decided to turn this challenge into an opportunity. Creative thinking has allowed us to meet on site, outdoor, and indoor. Only the sanctuary is impacted, all other rooms are safe to use. We encourage church family and guests to continue worshipping with us and we welcome your input and feedback during this process. Check this page as well as social media for weekly updates on meeting locations and times. Your prayers are appeciated!

UPDATE 10/23/17  

Our church family has voted through a  business meeting to pursue a repair process for the sanctuary. We continue to work with engineer Michael Hicks from Sheerline Structural Engineering and will begin the bidding process with contractors. 

UPDATE 11/2/17  

Our enginnering team is working with a local shoring contractor to secure the arch structures making the sanctuary available to use (hopefully soon).  

UPDATE 11/5/17  

Preparations for shoring have begun in our sanctuary.  

UPDATE 11/30/17  

Materials for shoring have been acquired and work should begin the first week of December.

UPDATE 12/7/17  

Work has been delayed but we still hope to accomplish shoring before the end of December.

UPDATE 12/21/17  

Permits for shoring have been acquired, prep work including welding and jack bases has started this week.

UPDATE 1/11/18  

After many delays, we've chosen a contractor to do the shoring and repair work altogether.

UPDATE 1/24/18  

Shoring is completed and awaiting inspection!



UPDATE 2/23/18  

Repair work is on going. Unless an unforeseen situation changes our plans, we are meeting in the Fellowship Hall for Sabbath School and in the Sanctuary for the Worship Experience without any further inconvenience. 

Pastor Lem Garcia

For the rest of q1 2018

sabbath school: fellowship hall
worship experience: sanctuary

Updated 2-23-18